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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cowboy Spaghetti

This recipe was the cause of a very rare occurrence in this household. My husband and I both loved it! We actually fought over who was going to take the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Here is what I did or would do differently.

1) I would use more than 3 slices of bacon next time. Maybe 5 slices because I love bacon and it shrinks so much when you cook it.
2) I only used the tomato sauce. I do not like huge chunks of tomatoes and this made more than enough sauce for us.
3) I only used a half pound of spaghetti and that was plenty.
4) I substituted chicken stock for the beer. I would have used beef stock but I did not have any and the chicken worked just fine.
5) I added some cumin since I did not use the fire roasted diced tomatoes. I am not sure how much, maybe a 1/2 tablespoon, and it added a nice smokiness.

All in all this is a definite keeper!


Monday, November 26, 2007

Dancing with the Stars - Finale

So we are at the end of another season. Tonight the final three will once again dance two dances. They will have to perform a dance style of the judge's choosing and a freestyle (which means lifts!) Here we go!

Judge's Choice:
1) Mel B. (Cha Cha) - another very solid performance. I really enjoyed it.
2) Marie Osmond (Samba) - it was not very good. It was not fast and hard enough for the Samba.
3) Helio Castroneves (Jive) - I think it was by far one of his best performances. If he does not win I will be very disappointed.

1) Mel B. - it was pretty good. That last lift was amazing.
2) Marie Osmond - oh that was bad also. Jonathan is a genius though. The fact that she is acting as a mechanical toy means her dancing has to be bad!
3) Helio Castroneves - that was great! That is how to play on a theme and not take it overboard unlike the previous dance.

So who will win the mirrorball trophy? I hope it is Helio or Mel but I have a strange feeling the Osmond fans may take the prize.


Monday, November 19, 2007

Dancing with the Stars - Week #9

I can not believe we are already to the semifinals. Tonight the three women and lone guy must dance two dances. They will pick their favorite Latin and ballroom styles. Here we go!

Ballroom Round:
1) Marie Osmond (Quick Step) - that was very good. Her footwork was excellent from what I could see. A big improvement over last week.
2) Mel B. (Waltz) - that was wonderful. Those moving splits were amazing! It was beautiful and elegant.
3) Jennie Garth (Tango) - it was pretty good. The first tango she did was so wonderful that this paled by comparison for me. However, much better than last week.
4) Helio Castroneves (Fox Trot) - that was great! Sometimes the Fox Trot can be boring for me but that was a terrific dance.

Latin Round:
1) Marie Osmond (Mambo) - it was pretty good. She needs to loosen up more. It was a fun routin though.
2) Mel B. (Paso Doble) - that was excellent. She was scary with that whip in the beginning. She is by far the best woman left in the competition.
3) Jennie Garth (Cha Cha) - that was great! One of her best dances of the entire competition.
4) Helio Castroneves (Cha Cha) - another terrific performance. I love watching his, goofy smile and all.

So who will fall short of the final? In all honesty it should be Marie but I have a feeling Jennie may end up in the cold. We will find out tomorrow.


Monday, November 12, 2007

Dancing with the Stars - Week #8

Tonight the stars will once again have to dance two dances - a ballroom and a latin. It is getting down to the wire so here we go!

First Round:

1) Jennie Garth (Jive) - it was good and entertaining. I just do not know if it is good enough to win the competition.
2) Cameron Mathison (Waltz) - that was very good. I think it is probably hard to dance to the Harry Potter theme.
3) Marie Osmond (Rumba) - that was actually pretty good. I am pleasantly surprised by her performance.
4) Helio Castroneves (Paso Doble) - that was excellent. Even though he left character once and smiled I still liked it.
5) Mel B. (Tango) - once again she was excellent. She is really becoming the star of the show.

Second Round:

1) Jennie Garth (Fox Trot) - once again to was good but not great. She maybe in trouble tonight.
2) Cameron Mathison (Cha Cha) - it was alright. He seemed a little uptight.
3) Marie Osmond (Jive) - that was really campy and cheesy. It was entertaining though but not good enough.
4) Helio Castoneves (Quick Step) - that was great. I loved how he kissed her at the end - from the look she gave him she was not expecting it.
5) Mel B. (Mambo) - another great performance. It was wonderful.

So who will leave. While I think Marie should she could get the sympathy vote. Jennie maybe gone after two weak performances tonight. We shall see tomorrow night.


Monday, November 05, 2007

Dancing with the Stars - Week #7

So tonight should be interesting after Sabrina's shocking elimination last week. Again the couples will dance two different dances, a ballroom and a Latin. Here we go.

Ballroom Round:

1) Helio Castroneves (Tango) - a pretty good start. Maybe not his strongest dance but it was alright.
2) Marie Osmond (Quick Step) - I really enjoyed it! I think that was her best dance so far.
3) Mel B. (Fox Trot) - it was ok. I was not impressed. Plus that ugly outfit made her butt look really big.
4) Jane Seymour (Quick Step) - that was very good. Ballroom is definitely her thing.
5) Jennie Garth (Waltz) - that was beautiful. Very classy and elegant.
6) Cameron Mathison (Quick Step) - oh that was not good. He looked very awkward and his footwork was really off.

Latin Round:

1) Helio Castroneves (Samba) - it was good. He can shake his hips when he wants to. However, her fun fur outfit must go!
2) Marie Osmond (Cha Cha) - I really liked it. It was fun and entertaining.
3) Mel B. (Paso Doble) - it was good. I did not think it was her best but she is better than a lot of people.
4) Jane Saymour (Cha Cha) - it was ok. She is way to uptight and does not shake her hips enough.
5) Jennie Garth (Rumba) - that was wonderful! Romantic and sexy without being skanky.
6) Cameron Mathison (Jive) - that was excellent! His footwork was spot on and he did not oversell it at all.

So who will leave? After last week it could be anyone but if there is any justice it will be Jane.