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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

American Idol Finals - Week #11

So we are down to Jordin (yeah) and Blake (boo). Tonight they will be singing three songs each. They will do an encore of a song they have already performed, a song of their choosing and the Idol winner single. Let's go!

Encore Round:
1) Blake Lewis (You Give Love a Bad Name) - I know why he picked this song but I still don't like it. He was off key in a couple of places.
2) Jordin Sparks (Broken Wing)- I'm very glad she chose to sing this song again. It was beautiful and gave me goosebumps! How she taps into the emotion of that song at 17 I will never know!

New Song:
1) Blake Lewis (She Will Be Loved) - I hate Maroon 5 so I find it ironic that the two performances of his I liked best were both Maroon 5 songs. The high notes were a little rough but good overall.
2) Jordin Sparks (Fighter) - she started a bit flat and timid but by the middle she was in her groove. Not the best we have seen from her but pretty good overall.

Idol Single: This is My Now
1) Blake Lewis - it was ok. I like the song but he was somewhat flat. He also had that monotone thing going on again.
2) Jordin Sparks - she was amazing. Her version blows Blake's out of the water. I loved how she choked up at the end - it brought tears to my eyes.

If there is any justice Jordin will win because she is the better singer by far. On a side note, why is Constantine still hanging around the Idol set? Get a life already fella!


Monday, May 21, 2007

Dancing with the Stars - Week #10

So here is the big moment - the finale! Tonight the three remaining stars will dance a style chosen by the judges and then there is a free style round. Tomorrow they will also dance their favorite routine which the judges will score. Here we go!

Judges Selection:
1) Laila Ali (Paso Doble) - it was good. I do not think it is the she has danced but it was a solid performance.
2) Apolo Anton Ohno (Rumba) - another solid performance by Apolo.
3) Joey Fatone (Cha Cha) - I thought it was very good. I knew the judges would not like it though.

Free Style:
1) Laila Ali - it was good but she seems a little stiff through it. I did like her ripping Maks' shirt off though!
2) Apolo Anton Ohno - wow that was great! I loved the breakdancing and that first lift was incredible.
3) Joey Fatone - another wonderful performance! His lifts were terrific.

So who is going to win? Well I voted for Joey but I think Apolo could possibly be the champion. However, Laila could also scoot in there. It is a very close race this season.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

American Idol Finals - Week #10

So the final three sing three songs tonight. The judges each choose a song for one contestant, the producers pick one and then they choose their final song.

Judge's Selection:
1) Jordin Sparks (Simon Cowell: Wishing on a Star) - a solid start to the night. I still can not believe the poise this girl has at 17. When I was 17 I couldn't get up in front of a class to do a presentation and she is in front of millions of people.
2) Blake Lewis (Paula Abdul: Roxanne) - uh, that was brutal. Someone needs to tell him that trying to copy Sting is not a good idea. These judges are crazy!
3) Melinda Doolittle (Randy Jackson: I Believe in You and Me) - they always tell them not to try and sing Whitney songs but he chose one for her - that makes no sense. She did a good job but all I could hear in my head was the Whitney version.

Producer's Choice:
1) Jordin Sparks (She Works Hard For the Money) - that was much better. That was wonderful
2) Blake Lewis (This Love) - much better than his first song. However, I still do not think he is that great of a singer.
3) Melinda Doolittle (Nutbush City Limits) - again another hard singer to sing. She did a good job and brought out her inner Tina Turner.

Finalist's Choice:
1) Jordin Sparks (I Who Have Nothing) - that was brilliant. I loved it the first time she did that song and I got goosebumps again.
2) Blake Lewis (When I Get You Alone) - it was ok. He just lacks the soulfulness that Robin Thicke has.
3) Melinda Doolittle (I'm A Woman) - that was really good. I love her no matter what she does.

So I really hope Blake leaves tomorrow but who knows what will happen.


Monday, May 14, 2007

Dancing with the Stars - Week #9

So tonight it is the semi-finals. Tonight the couples again dance twice. They choose their favorite dances and perform them again with new music and choreography.

Ballroom Round:
1) Apolo Anton Ohno (Quick Step) - it was good. I was not blown away like the judges but it was a solid performance.
2) Ian Ziering (Tango) - it was also pretty good. Again I was not blown away but he is improving. The song sucked though.
3) Laila Ali (Quick Step) - it is a trend tonight but it was good, not great, for me. Seriously, who is picking this music? Walk Like an Egyptian - please!
4) Joey Fatone (Fox Trot) - it was another solid performance but again I do not think it was great. I hope the Latin round is better.

Latin Round:
1) Apolo Anton Ohno (ChaCha) - much better! That was a really fun performance to watch.
2) Ian Ziering (Jive) - I think that was his best dance yet. It was a wonderful performance.
3) Laila Ali (ChaCha) - again I was not blown away. I'm a little disapponted in this performance actually.
4) Joey Fatone (Jive) - I LOVED it!! That was the performance of the night for sure!

So who is going home? It will either be Apolo, Ian, Laila or Joey. Honestly, I do not know who will leave. Tomorrow should be interesting!


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

American Idol FInals - Week #9

So we are down to the Final Four (please don't sue me NCAA!). Tonight they will each be singing two Barry Gibb songs.

Song #1:
1) Melinda Doolittle (Love You Inside and Out) - again she delivers an amazing performance. This chick is the real deal like Holyfield!
2) Blake Lewis (You Should Be Dancing) - that was brutal! His voice was like nails on a chalkboard for me. Plus I have and enough of the beat boxing already!
3) LaKisha Jones (Staying Alive) - I really liked it. I loved the slower and funkier feel to the song.
4) Jordin Sparks (To Love Somebody) - wow - I am speechless. That was a beautiful rendition of a beautiful song.

Song #2:
1) Melinda Doolittle (How Can You Mend a Broken Heart) - very good. I was getting bored when she hit that big note and got my attention again.
2) Blake Lewis (This is Where I Came In) - uh, please let him leave tomorrow! I am so sick of him and his smug expressions.
3) LaKisha Jones (Run To Me) - again I loved it. The last note was off but all in all she did a great job.
4) Jordin Sparks (Woman in Love) - she is in it to win it for sure! Another amazing performance. I disagree I do not think she was that pitchy at all.

So as much as I want Blake to leave I think it maybe LaKashia's turn to leave tomorrow.


Monday, May 07, 2007

Dancing with the Stars - Week #8

Again this week the stars will be performing a Latin and a ballroom dance.

Ballroom Round:
1) Ian Ziering (Fox Trot) - that was very good. I am so glad he is loosening up!
2) Joey Fatone (Waltz) - it was just ok for me. Len may not like the razzle dazzle but I do!
3) Billy Ray Cyrus (Fox Trot) - much better than last week. The part in the middle when they broke the hold was very good.
4) Laila Ali (Waltz) - that was wonderful. It is so sweet that she dedicated that to her parents. It made me cry!
5) Apolo Anton Ohno (Tango) - I LOVED it! It was very fun and energetic.

Latin Round:
1) Ian Ziering (Rumba) - it was ok but not great. Plus, who picks a song like Imagine for a sexy dance like the rumba?
2) Joey Fatone (Mambo) - it was good but he has been much better.
3) Billy Ray Cyrus (Mambo) - it was alright. He gets and E for effort for sure!
4) Laila Ali (Jive) - that was wonderful. Another solid week for Laila.
5) Apolo Anton Ohno (Paso Doble) - another great dance. There was a bit of a miscue on her part but all in all it was good.

So I think either Ian or Billy Ray will be leaving tomorrow but as we know anything can happen.


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

American Idol Finals - Week #8

So tonight it is the music of Bon Jovi. I have a feeling this is going to be interesting.

1) Phil Stacey (Blaze of Glory) - it was actually very good. This week he actually started the song of well for a change.
2) Jordin Sparks (Living on a Prayer) - the verses were not very good. The low notes were out of her register. However, once she hit the chorus she sailed through the rest of the song.
3) Lakisha Jones (This Ain't a Love Song) - so Kiki is back! That was a beautiful performance.
4) Blake Lewis (You Gove Love a Bad Name) - it was original and all but I am in the 50% who Simon said would hate it. I thought this was a singing competition. You can be original and sing the entire song.
5) Chris Richardson (Wanted Dead or Alive) - he just butchered one of my favorite songs! It was whiny, screetchy, nasally and just plain bad!
6) Melinda Doolittle (Have a Nice Day) - even in a genre she is not comfortable with she blows everyone else away. That was really good!

So I think it is between Phil, Lakisha and Chris to leave tomorrow.